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Anniversary Love

I’m so bad at sharing personal stuff on here anymore! Like remember when a year ago, Jake and I took a trip with the babe to Hawai’i… And remember how I said we have a family session out there? And remember how I never shared them?

The trip was to celebrate our 5 year anniversary. Hawai’i is our favorite place and also where we went for our honeymoon, so returning seemed perfect! While we had planned on it just being us two, as the babe grew older we couldn’t imagine not spending time with him and showing him the place that we both love so much! So the dude came with. And it was perfect!

And because it was our anniversary and we had the babe and because of my intense love for Maui, I knew we had to do a family session! We showed up to our favorite little private beach ever. Except for this one guy who was standing on the beach with a book and two leis. This guy of mine managed to surprise me with a vow renewal and coordinated with our photographer to have it documented. It was perfect. We had Landon. We were together. And we were at our favorite beach, which we’ve always considered “our beach.” So thankful for this man. And for that little dude. And for that place, which I consider home <3 Happy 6 years, b!

Special thanks for Reverend Richard for a beautiful ceremony and for Yourdreamphoto for documenting the day <3


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