At your wedding, I’m the lady who guests swear is part of the family but just can’t figure out who I’m related to. The girl sobbing behind the camera as your dad gives his speech. The girl on the dance floor belting out every word to every song. And if Salt-N-Pepa comes on at your reception, I will 100% steal the mic and rap it for the whole room.

When I’m just being Jenna, you’ll find me shooting with my beloved film camera (#ithasmyheart). It’s become a pure obsession in the past year, helping to slow life down and be truly present in life. And when I’m camera free? I’m either watching sports, shopping, obsessing over snapchat (legit, it’s addicting), or designing the interior of our new home (#firsttimehomeowners)! I talk fast, I think faster. I love to multitask, and having a checklist is my happy place!

I’m beyond grateful that I get to do what I love each day and work with some of the most amazing people <3 It’s moments when I’m at a wedding and see the table of wedding pictures from past generations that my heart turns soft realizing what a cool thing I do. Knowing that the moments I capture will last for generations to come. It’s pretty amazing!

PHOTOGRAPHY HAS MY HEART, FULL AND TRUE. I’m beyond grateful that I get to do what I love each day and work with some of the most amazing people <3 

My love for photography started at a young age. I was always the girl walking around with a camera in her hand. The idea that I could stop a moment of time and keep it forever, well I was obsessed. As I grew older and realized that my childhood dream was a real possibility, I dove in head-first and haven’t looked back since.

Meet Jenna

Fine Art Photography

Travel has my heart. This world is so big. And full of so much beauty! Any chance I get, you can find me in Maui <3 But on the list of must-sees? Norway, France, Italy, and Ireland <3


I’m a family girl, through and through. It’s what made me who I am. And it’s the reason I do everything that I do. My mom and sister are my foundation. My husband is my other half. My little dude is my motivation to be a better person every day <3


Fresh mango from Hawai’i. Flavored Sun Bum chapstick. Body lotion. A blended cocktail. Make it mango and I’m in!


Confidence is a state-of-mind. I believe that nothing is impossible when you’re wearing the right shade of lips! For me, an orange/red is my go-to!


My English Bulldog, Brick, steals my heart. She’s equal parts ball of energy and huge fluffy pillow that loves to cuddle.


This girl has a big heart for sports. I may rock bright lips and love to shop, but I can talk sports with the best of them! Football has a soft spot for my heart, and I believe that liking anyone other than the Chicago Bears is some kinda sin!


My Favorites


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