The Best Shoot Locations in Chicago

January 3, 2016

January 3, 2016


A NEW UPDATED list of my favorite locations is HERE! Check out THIS LINK! The below is about 3 years old from 2015!


‘Tis the season for engagement photos and weddings. Today I’m sharing some of my favorite locations in the Chicagoland area to shoot at!


// Montrose Beach — NEW POST HERE

This beach has it all! Not only is there free parking but it has 4 locations in one – a beach, the bird sanctuary with tall grass, the cement pathway that overlooks the city, and a harbor. It’s one of the most versatile locations in all of Chicago!




// North Avenue Beach — NEW POST HERE

How can you not love North Avenue? The view of the city is just unmatched. Plus there’s a cement pathway between Oak Street and North Avenue that makes for a great change up from the soft sand.




// Art Institute Gardens — NEW POST HERE

This is probably my favorite place in all of Chicago. I have a love for ivy and, well, this place has it! It’s simply gorgeous and romantic and full of interest at every turn!




// Olive Park — NEW POST HERE

Olive Park is a great spot that few actually know about. I lived across from it for 4 years and it literally took me a year and a half to realize I could go in there! I love the view of the city – right up front and different from the other angles you see throughout the city. Plus it’s right next to Ohio Street beach which makes for a great complimentary location.



// Lurie Gardens — NEW POST HERE

Not only do you have beautiful flowers and gardens, but you have those things with a back drop of the beautiful Chicago skyline!



// Cantigny Park — NEW POST HERE

This place is expansive and beautiful! There are so many places to shoot, and it just screams romance!



// South Pond — NEW POST HERE

Probably one of the most popular of all engagement/wedding locations, South Pond is located in Lincoln Park just at the south exit of the zoo. It has an awesome bridge that brides love that overlooks the skyline. While those seem great, my favorite areas are those next to it with tall grass.




// Wrigley Building — NEW POST HERE

I love the architecture of this place with the tall height of the bridge connecting the two towers!




// Union Station — NEW POST HERE

This place has classic architecture with gorgeous columns, bringing both drama and beauty to any session!





// Michigan Avenue — NEW POST HERE

If you want urban and city, you can’t get much more city than this! There are medians up and down that allow you to capture the business of the city we live in.



// LaSalle — NEW POST HERE

This is a popular choice because of the drama that the backdrop brings! Nothing says city like being right in the heart of it!




// Riverwalk — NEW POST HERE

The riverwalk sits just below the streets along the Chicago River. I love it for it’s ability to get pieces of the skyline without being overly crowded! It allows moments of privacy.




// Fulton Market — NEW POST HERE

A different take on urban. Fulton is a meat/fish market turned fun new neighborhood! It’s full of tons of great materials and textures like metal, brick, cement, etc.




// Chicago Botanic Gardens — NEW POST HERE

This place is of course gorgeous with lush gardens and flowers and colors everywhere you turn!


// Veterans Acres — NEW POST HERE

This place sits at the top of my bucket list for locations I must shoot at! It has these tall gorgeous white birch trees. The height of the trees adds such drama!

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