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Roxanne + Derek | Garfield Park Conservatory Engagement

Roxanne + Derek scheduled their engagement session a long time ago. They wanted warmth. And greenery. And life. So they decided on middle of April, sure to be full of beauty and flowers everywhere. But if you’re in the midwest, you know that Mother Nature hasn’t been too kind to us here and has given us a never-ending-winter. So, instead of 70s and sun and greenery all around us, we got 30s and sun and the color brown in every direction plus snow. Rather than rescheduling since we have zero clue when spring is coming, we opted to go indoors to the ever beautiful Garfield Park Conservatory! This has been one of my favorite places for a long time that I’ve been dying for someone to want to shoot at. Palm trees, plus warmth, plus cactuses? Well it’s just a little piece of Heaven for me <3 So excited for Roxanne + Derek! I cannot wait for their wedding later this summer <3

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